UKR Lider Presents The Top Four Best Online Multiplayer Games

November 21, 2018

Here we recommend the multiplayer online games in which you will spend great moments. Although many of us like to play together, we always have a friend or a member of our family available to play a few games with. In this case, there’s nothing like a multiplayer online game, a very usual game on PC and in which we find some real jewelry. Role-playing games, action almost all the major genres and themes are represented in online games, and you can enjoy it in the face of dozens of virtual friends.

World of Tanks: the most ferocious war of Internet

If you like group games and the world of the war, you will much like WOT. In this game, you can participate in exciting between tanks battles, on large maps that bring together about 30 users. But war does not alone: you must join a clan and conquer the territories of the rival clans. And you can rest assured that your enemies won’t cost you anything: WoT is, today, one of the free online games with more players.

Blacklight Retribution: the counter-strike of our century

If instead of driving combat vehicles, you prefer the classical system of shooter first-person, Blacklight compensation is a good option. With a design similar to that of Counter-strike, this FPS will make you live the futuristic battles very simple but very addictive. Its very realistic 3D graphics and its well-optimized game mode make Blacklight an excellent free alternative to online versions of the classic games of the genre such as CoD or Battlefield sagas.

Star Wars The Old Republic

In a Galaxy not so far away, Bioware decided to launch what they promised as the best MMO in history, the future of World of Warcraft: Star Wars The Old Republic. Certainly, the public not so well welcomed them that it, but the game is still a title very acceptable and… free online! If you are a fan of the Galactic Republic and theSith Empire, you’ll like this role-playing a game online, in which you have to complete missions for either of the two camps and play as an original character who meets some old friends of the George Lucas saga. A must see if you are a galactic fan or if have tired of the MMO set in worlds of fantasy.

Dota 2: a dream come true for fans of Warcraft

Sometimes, a great game is born from the idea of fans. This is the case of Dota 2, which was created as a personalized card for Warcraft III and is now one of the most famous titles of Steam. With a game based on the evolution of the hero and the work mode team, Dota 2 represents the beginnings of the genre MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) which just had its origins in the mods created for Warcraft.

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