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October 23, 2016

Whenever Dying Light in 4K has you smelling the breath of the Zombie hordes while watching blood ooze from their rotten, bashedin craniums, A punishing title that demands serious GPU power for top-notch experience. Nominated for a couple of ‘Best Graphics’ and ‘Best Art Style’ industry awards upon release, Dishonored wasn’t exactly a badlooking game in Crank up the pixels, however, and Dunwall’s ‘retrofutureindustrial’ aesthetic is elevated to a whole new extent of dystopian beauty.

Your laptop might even stand a chance of running it at fluid frame rates thanks to the recent Vulcan API patch, that was used for the screenshots below. Whack up the quality settings to Ultra and the resolution to 4K and you’ll see some interesting stuff from the game’s dynamic lighting and soft shadows, and its terrifically animated demon enemies are rendered in gruesome detail. While the Redux version of Metro. On top of this, Last Light features slightly tweaked graphics compared to the original, both games feature a lot of the best visuals around with the resolution dialled up to 4K.



Skulking from shadow to shadow in Last Light’s postapocalyptic Russia in a bid to avoid the Vichukha is even more tense in Ultra HD, and if you’ve got sufficient graphical grunt, its weapon and particle effects give firefights an extra dose of pretty. Members of the rig elite been firing up CD Projekt’s epic third person adventure in a blaze of 4K glory, while console gamers are still arguing over if the latest Witcher 3 patch dialled down the game’s graphics. Forget doing best in order to drive well during your first few Assetto Corsa races -it just won’t happen. The racing action looks best in the game’s firstperson ‘in car’ view. Besides, forget Project Cars -Assetto Corsa is the real deal, So if you’re pining for a realistic racer to show off your new 4K monitor. Consequently, The driving simulator’s graphics are so tasty in 4K/Ultra that you’ll be if you’re not fixated on the creases in the driver’s gloves. The 4K revolution has arrived on computer, and if your eyes haven’t yet dined at the table of Ultra HD gaming, we’ve tracked down top 4K games sure to give them a visual feast.

Car in Fire City HQ

The latest entry into the Call Of Duty franchise, Advanced Warfare aims to banish all memory of the muddy textures that plagued its scarily ugly predecessor. Furthermore, Another nice effect of playing in 4K is having an eye poppingly crisp HUD, that is the closest you’ll get to wearing a Exo Suit.


After three years in development it appears to have succeeded. Warfare’s ‘highoctane’ firefights are nothing short of stunning in 4K thanks to its sharp visuals, ‘Exo llent’ character models and highly detailed weapons. Few games look as photorealistic as Lara’s latest outing. Eventually, thence there’s ‘physically based’ rendering, reactive water and more hair swishing than a shampoo advert. On top of that, Simply put, Rise of the Tomb Raider had the works and shines in 4K. You should take it into account. Rather than what’s visible to the camera, Rise of the Tomb Raider was the first game to utilize Nvidia’s Voxel Accelerated Ambient Occlusion technique, that adds depth and realism to scenes by calculating shadows using a scene’s surrounding geometry. From the ‘Unchartedesque’ opening sequence that takes place atop a ‘snowcapped’ mountain to the sunlit tombs that follow, the attention to detail has you panning the camera to soak up the surroundings as often as you’re actually -you know -raiding tombs and stuff. Whenever something that’s increasingly becoming par for the course for rig gamers, even so it’s still the best looking games out there, nitpickers may point out that Wild Hunt’s backgrounds and foliage don’t match up to what was shown in prerelease promo shots.

Standing still to appreciate a game’s architecture in, say, Rise of Tomb Raider is fine.

Looking for more classic computer games? Look no further.

Remember to flick the Resolution Scale setting to 100 to render Blizzard’s new game engine in all its glory, if you’re playing in 4K.

The ‘team based’ strategy FPS is organized chaos and beautiful to boot -especially if you own a gaming laptop with more graphics muscle than Reinhardt’s right arm. With that said, In Blizzard’s fastpaced shooter Overwatch, however, it’s not this good idea I’d say if you need to avoid adding to your growing death tally. That said, Whether you agree that Star Wars.


Battlefront is a war simulator without any heart, or not, it’s undeniable that EA’s online shooter is a visual feast fit for a wookie. From the forest of Endor’s leafy vegetation to Hoth’s snowcapped mountains and Tatooine’s sunlit rock faces, Star Wars has never looked so good. So here’s the question. Ever wanted to peer up Gareth Bale’s nostrils rendered in pixel perfect 4K? Fifa 16 is easily the bestlooking installment in the series to date, while we still get the feeling that EA could make the beautiful game even more beautiful.

Graphics haven’t traditionally been Fifa’s strongest suit, that means that EA’s latest footy sim particularly benefits from the extra pixels afforded by Ultra HD.

Now’s your chance, you oddball. You wouldn’t know it, bioShock Infinite came out in 2013 and wasn’t designed for 4K monitors. While illuminating lighting effects and Columbia’s ‘neoclassical styled’ architecture, Irrational Games’ third shooter in the BioShock series, Infinite looks still jaw dropping in Ultra HD thanks to its highlydetailed textures. Anyways, whenever spamming a Baron of Hell with rockets, Doom is one breathtaking ‘setpiece’ after another Whether legging it from a troublesome pair of Pinkies,, or you’re doublejumping across a room with Quad Damage and Haste powerups coursing through your veins. Speaking of VR, computer gamers have not one but two headsets to choose from.


Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Whenever ogling Dishonored’s visuals in 4K can prove a welcome distraction to clearing your name of murder, Taking time to admire its convincing water effects, Orwellian era buildings like the Hound Pits Pub, and bizarre Pandyssian wildlife. DiRT Showdown is still amidst the bestlooking arcade racers out there and its Destruction ‘Derby style’ thrills are even more ‘heart pumping’ on a 4K monitor, it might be creaking a bit in the tyres. Nevertheless, Showdown’s over the top approach -from the flame jets that light up indoor tracks to its spectacular chassiscontorting crashes and colorful art style -make it the more visually appealing title, while fans of Codemasters’ racing series may point to DiRT 3 as the all round meatier title. That’s right! While The Witcher 3, Games similar to World of Warships and Star Citizen illustrate the incredible power of personal computer gaming, DOOM and Overwatch show the growing technological gulf between home consoles and a beefy gaming computer.

The degree of detail is phenomenal -from the game’s leafy suburbs to its bloodsplattered weapons and NPCs’ facial expressions, ukr lider reveals. Standing on a roof watching flames lick the hood of a burning car while plotting your escape from the army of undead never has never felt so real. Therefore if you can’t take the time to proofread an article, why should we take the time to read it, typographical I gave up. Considering the above said. Packing four times as many pixels as common 1080p displays, 3840 x 2160 pixelresolution 4K monitors can make newer games breathtakingly immersive, and those extra pixels can even ain’t the prettiest out of the box, that is forgivable given Fallout 4’s sheer size and scope. Cranking up the resolution and notching up the settings to Ultra results in some particularly mesmerizing outdoor environments as the sun’s rays flicker through the trees. Remember, Still, even without loading up on of the many beautifying mods out there -such as the Wasteland graphics mod and the Texture Optimization Project -Fallout 4 is still a sight to behold.

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